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Arbitration and Mediation: International & Domestic

Mr. Gilbert K. Squires, P.E., Esq., a Fellow of the College of Commercial Arbitrators, serves in complex business, oil & gas, energy, and construction arbitration tribunals of the AAA (American Arbitration Association), or ICDR (International Centre for Dispute Resolution), or ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), as Arbitrator or a client Advocate. He has been asked to mediate energy, business, commercial, and probate disputes. Squires and members of the firm advise clients in the proper planning and use of arbitration clauses and agreements.

Global Oil & Gas, and Energy Law

Mr. Squires and the firm serve clients in oil & gas acquisitions and divestitures, biodiesel ventures in Asia and the Americas, power projects in Latin America, global oil, solar, and wind energy projects including related negotiations of international and domestic transactions.

Business Law: International & Domestic

The Firm represents U.S.-based and international clients in a broad range of inbound and outbound business transaction. Negotiate business franchise and sales agreements for U.S. based corporations with global companies including the application of European Economic Community laws. SquiresBenson counsels corporations, individuals, foreign governments and embassies without lobbying for them on a variety of domestic and international business matters. It assists clients with importing and selling of high-end luxury items and products for subsequent sale and distribution in the U.S. It also serves as outside corporate counsel and advise boards of directors.

Business, Real Estate, and Civil Litigation

SquiresBenson represents domestic and international clients at the trial and appellate level in a wide range of business and civil matters including Oil & Gas and Energy, and real property litigation in State and Federal Courts. We focus on effective dispute avoidance and resolution of conflicts before a lawsuit has been filed. Yet, when litigation is required the Firm aggressively and creatively litigates, with an eye towards prompt cost-effective resolution — including Fraud, Asset Tracing, and Recovery litigation in association with law firms in other countries and states.


The lawyers serve as Court Appointed Receivers to manage and administer businesses under Florida Statutes. Also, SquiresBenson serves as Receiver's counsel. The attorneys are often called to serve as Court Appointed Guardians and Administrators Ad Litem to protect the interests of decedents and their potential heirs in State Court litigation. The attorneys also serve in Probate matters as Court Appointed Curators and/or Guardians to protect estates and property.

Probate, Probate Litigation, and Guardianship: International & Domestic

The practice includes probate administration and litigation including appeals, will reformation, beneficiary rights, resolution and avoidance of inheritance conflicts, and many other estate disputes. SquiresBenson, P.L. has administered estates in Florida for domestic estates, as well as, estates with European, South American, and African assets. The practice also includes establishing guardianships and guardianship litigation. The partners have served as guardians and attorneys for guardians.

Wills & Trusts

The Firm prepares wills and trusts to help clients plan for the protection, management, and distribution of assets.

Real Estate Transactions, Title Agent, Attorneys' Title – The Fund

SquiresBenson represents domestic and international buyers and sellers of Florida commercial and residential real estate. The Firm assists non-U.S. based clients with the sale and purchase of real estate in the U.S. and abroad. Also, it writes residential and commercial title insurance.

Commercial & Residential Landlord-Tenant Law

The Firm represents commercial and residential landlords and tenants in negotiating, drafting, and litigating leases through appeals.

Religious Organizations' Law

The Firm represents and counsels religious organizations on a wide range of issues, including personnel and employment, liability for misconduct, obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status, applicability of the tax-exempt laws to business and transactions of religious organizations, and other issues particular to religious organizations.