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In 2008, after accumulating a combined total of over 50 successful years in business and the practice of law Olivia S. Benson and Gilbert K. Squires formed the Law Offices of SquiresBenson, P.L. with locations in Miami Beach and Miramar, Florida. They are admitted to practice law in the State of Florida, The District of Columbia, Federal Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, and The Supreme Court of The United States. Also, Mr. Squires is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. The Firm is 100% minority owned — Afro-Hispanic American and 50% Woman-Owned.

Their vision when joining forces was straightforward: blend their ample and varied experiences in the business world with the practice of law to obtain cost effective excellent results serving a global clientele. The Firm serves a worldwide customer base that benefits from the shrewdness, practicality, and determination of the founding partners and diverse staff who hail from different parts of the world, and are fluent in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and competent in other languages.

Serves Clients in a Variety of Legal Matters, for Example:

  • A near-east client litigating against an American multinational came to SquiresBenson, P.L. for help in determining whether to arbitrate under Foreign or American law.
  • An Asian client hired SquiresBenson to litigate in Federal Court against a Florida bank.
  • Domestic and foreign-based clients hire SquiresBenson, P.L. to successfully litigate business disputes in State and Federal Courts.
  • SquiresBenson successfully represents individuals and condominium associations through negotiations, trials and appeals.
  • A commercial landlord came to SquiresBenson , to lead a complex eviction and ultimately negotiate a new lease and payments to the landlord.
  • A residential tenant hired SquiresBenson to defend him in a wrongful eviction through two levels of appeal.
  • An American company retained SquiresBenson, P.L. to draft and negotiate distribution agreements into the European Common Market.
  • A South American widow contracted SquiresBenson to probate an estate with assets in the United States, Europe, and South America.
  • A Scandinavian personal representative came to SquiresBenson, P.L. for assistance probating an estate with assets in Florida and Venezuela.
  • A Guayanan beneficiary sought SquiresBenson, P.L. for legal assistance in the ancillary administration of U.S. assets.
  • Husband and Wife Holocaust survivors came to the firm for elder care assistance, and SquiresBenson, P.L. served as counsel for the personal representative and the estate.
  • A South Florida widow hired SquiresBenson to open an estate in Florida and to co-counsel in the personal injury litigation in Africa, where the decedent was killed.
  • Represented and assisted a West African embassy with the sale and subdivision of embassy real estate in the District of Columbia, which required interaction and approvals from the U.S. State Department's Office of Foreign Missions, the District of Columbia Historic Preservation Board, and the District’s Mayor's Agent.
  • Represented an African government in negotiations between that government and a U.S. based seaport and transshipment company.
  • Successfully negotiated a major commercial agreement between a West African and an American company.
  • After the 2010 British Petroleum "Deepwater Horizon" tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico, SquiresBenson was widely consulted and solicited by law firms, investment banking firms, and individuals about business and litigation interests and options.
  • A wind energy operator called on SquiresBenson, P.L. to assist with its Power Purchase Agreement negotiation.
  • SquiresBenson represented a bio-fuel company with interests in Texas, Iowa, New Jersey, India, and Latin America preparing and negotiating corporate, financing, and operations agreements.
  • SquiresBenson served as U.S. counsel in cross-border bankruptcy litigation, including negotiations with U.S. creditors, and assisted developing in reorganization strategies and tactics.
  • Mr. Squires frequently serves as an Arbitrator on Complex Arbitrations involving Energy, Oil & Gas, Construction, and International Business disputes.
  • Ms. Benson serves as a quasi-judicial officer presiding over code enforcement hearings — Special Master for the City of Miami Gardens, located in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Clients are very comfortable with the Firm, as they know SquiresBenson, P.L. serves them effectively in the boardroom, courtroom, or negotiation room.

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